Tuesday, 6 May 2014

No More Sleepless Nights - Take Charge by Protecting Your Online Reputation Today

Take Charge of Your Online Reputation Today... Before Somebody Else Does

It's a fact that in today's business world, if you don't actively manage your company's online reputation, someone else is going to do it for you. And, chances are, this person is not going to have your best interests at heart.

The above infographic covers the basics of managing your company's online reputation. It's Step 2 that's worth some close attention since both positive and negative online rankings can play a big role in the first impression your business is making to potential clients.

One negative review can ruin your day. Instead of a pleasant business lunch in Old Montreal, you'll be stuck at the office worrying about what you're going to do since that negative review from the unreasonable client is appearing on page one of Google's search results.

Fortunately, Reverse SEO can help to fix the problem by pushing negative reviews down so they appear on the second page of a search engine's results, or even later. Doing this will maintain your business's sterling reputation and allow you more time to grow your business in Montreal.

Reverse SEO experts are available in Montreal for consultations if anything you read here has peaked your interest.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Removing Information About Yourself from Google May Soon be as Easy as Creating a Gmail Account

Online Search Giant Google may Soon be Making it Easy to 'Vanish' Without a Trace from Its Search Results

In the wake of a ruling on the 'right to be forgotten' by a European court, there are rumours that search giant Google is working on a service to make it easy for Europeans who want to be forgotten on the worldwide web. The court ruled that private individuals should have the right to request that search engines remove outdated and irrelevant information about them from databases.

Online privacy experts see the ruling as a victory. For European companies and private individuals who want to remove long past events from the public domain, they now have a legal opinion supporting them.

Closely related to the court's ruling is the issue of online reputations. For companies and private individuals, online reputations matter. Having negative information about you or your business appearing on the first page of Google can kill future deals, ruin relationships, or cause you to lose out on the job of your dreams.

So If I Live in North America and Have an Online Reputation Problem, What Can I Do?

Seeing as how most people with online reputation management issues won't want to wait for Google's new service to go live before they take action, the most cost effective and proven solution for these problems is Reverse SEO.

When you contract with a Reverse SEO professional, they put together a plan to 'bury' the negative information you no longer want found. By pushing these links down to the second or even third page of Google's results, your problem is no longer a problem.

Out of sight really does mean out of mind on the worldwide web.

Interested by what you've just read? Consider contacting a Reverse SEO expert in your area today for a consultation.